Bids That Give Scam Complaints- True or False?


I am Chris. I regularly browse the internet reading reviews on businesses. Whenever you hear about something that sounds like a scam we automatically start voicing our opinion without any facts. People have the freedom to write whatever they wish whether it be true or false. Most of us will believe the dialogue we read simply because we tend to believe everything we read- we shouldn’t automatically assume something is bad just because someone says it is.

Look, most of us still shop at Wal-Mart, even if you go to Google and type Wal-Mart Sucks or Wal-Mart is a scam… You have complaints in any business because with every consumer who likes a product you have to have those who maybe had a bad experience. Often times bad experience are because the consumer didn’t read what they were buying or getting into…. Some people don’t read the fine print or read at all for that matter.

Think of the last time you made a bad purchase- everyone has done it at least once. Did you read reviews on the product? Did you read the details on the product? Now of course there are times when the product or service really does “just suck”.

The same goes for the home based business industry.

Here are some complaints I read about Bids That Give:

a couple months back I sent in my money order for my wholesale bids etc. when this whole website came out. It took almost 2 months for me to receive my bids after harassing the people on chat who just gave me the complete runaround. this site was supposed to go fully active for months now and ever since Zeke Rewards shut down they keep stringing us along with false promises.

I have a group of pissed off people that have tried to get on chat with these people and get nothing but excuses and runarounds. They don’t even have a phone number!!!

A friend of mine said he walked into the employee office at one point and it was EMPTY! just seconds later some bonkhead lady that couldn’t speak English chased him down and said he was not allowed to be in the employee area and escorted him to an office on the other side of the building- THAT WAS ALSO EMPTY!. nobody in it, just basically empty space with a bids that give sign in there. I don’t trust them. if you’re thinking about joining, don’t. its a waste of time and money. Randy Jeffers has had 3 companies go bankrupt, and this will be the 4th. don’t waste your time.


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