Why I Almost Quit Bids That Give

What’s the buzz around the internet right now? A little start up home based business called Bids That Give that at a glance looks like an exact copy of a former company “ZeekRewards” which was shutdown by the Security and Exchange Commissions. The first thing to make aware is that penny-auctions are not illegal businesses in any form… In fact Quibids another popular buzz site has been in business for several years and many of us are familiar with their commercials and advertisements we regularly see.

I myself was in ZeekRewards and it really was the “biggest” buzz on the internet for the final 6 months it was running. It became saturated so quickly by Internet to the point it hit “viral” picked up by many YouTube channels, social media and blogs. Just before the fall of ZeekRewards, Bids That Give launched and I decided to join even though I was primarily focused on Zeek since it was already growing with my downline, I didn’t want to waste or focus my efforts on something new. Unfortunately it was only a few weeks later after joining that ZeekRewards was shutdown by SEC.

The main problem is you have the people who “basically got screwed” and lost thousands of dollars who are afraid to join another MLM let another penny-auction opportunity which would just be ridiculous. That’s one problem I have faced when promoting and advertising Bids That Give is that too many people will compare it to the downfall of Zeek no matter how you present the business- even if it is a legitimate.


I was about to Quit Bids That Give. I almost did.


It’s hard to promote something with a bad name or reputation. But then I realized that it wasn’t the same at all, I was just narrowing down only one part of the program- the auction…

Why didn’t I include the cause or fact that every bid helps a kid? You can’t forget to mention the Trivia Game, BTG Virtual Mall and the Get Away Vacations.

I changed my game plan nearly instantly…

You see, I figured that the BTG Mall is nothing more than an ecommerce site where customers can purchase products like they would on ebay, amazon or any online store. I can present Bids That Give as a multi-product line and not even mention the penny auction side- and this works. Period.

That solved one of my problems. Next was the daily earnings, many of the people in my downline wanted to quit the business after starting with $2,000 and only earning revenue of $0.60 per day. I’ll admit I did lose some people, I helped as many as I can grow their team because once you truly do have people it really starts to kick off strong and you see a good outcome on your results.

I started passing people to my downline as support, I gave them internet marketing tips and ways to boost their productivity- this was not an easy task when just about everyone wanted out.

The main problem with the daily payout was the three-tier compensation plan which basically funneled all the earnings to the big recruiters. Just think. 5 on your first line, 25 on your second line then line 3 has 125… That just doesn’t work out so well.. Does it?

Removing the 3-tier basically just increased the revenue earnings 500%. That’s pretty good. Since the daily earnings have gone up my team has been more focused on building a team and growing this business which is very good. We are seeing positive results in the Bid Ambassadors Club, getting leads, converting them to sales and so much more!

Here are some awesome tools and resources that helped me sponsor a huge team/downline in Bids That Give:

1. Bids That Give Marketing Tool

2. Presentation Video

3. The Cause and Founders of Bids That Give (VIDEO)

4. Bids That Give Facebook Page

5. Visionary Dream Team


The above tools are resources you can use to promote all the industries in bids that give. Take a look and accelerate your bids business today!


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