DS Domination is a Scam.


DS Domination or Drop Ship domination has a lot of buzz around the internet, but is this business legitimate?

Unlike a lot of online businesses this is not your run of the mill MLM or network marketing business.

Dropship domination is only $19.95 and it gives you access to proven ways to make money selling on eBay, I know many people who make their first $400-$500 extra just in a one month time period, and from there as they progress from the course your income will only increase from simple ebay secrets and techniques of selling.

Roger Langille who is the creator of the course has made 7-figures in a year selling on eBay and has been highly profitable for over 10 years just following the same methods and techniques he teaches in the training, you also get other content and material in addition to the videos.

There are live webinars as well which give you updates on all the training material.

So if you are asking is this a Scam? Well why don’t you see for yourself:


What is Ds Domination?

So what is Ds Domination?  Well honestly it’s pretty simple and the most incredible platform I’ve ever seen. Ds Domination is the first and only company of it’s kind where you can make money online with companies like Amazon and Ebay from day one.  If you know how to copy and paste on a computer, you can make an easy six figure income with Ds Domination. We teach you how to make money on Ebay  and other company’s with our system. I know that sounds to good to be true….But if you know how to copy and paste things from Amazon over to Ebay with a little bit of training,and mark up the price with a few seconds of research……you can make an easy six figure income from the Ds Domination system!! Pretty Easy! huh? Here is my Ds domination review below!

Ds Domination is a Mlm that leverages Amazon memberships and Ebay to be able to make unlimited profits online. You can join Ds Domination for as low as $20.00 a month at the pro level and you will get instant access to your training to show you how to take an item from Amazon that might cost $12.00 and find the same item on Ebay selling for $20.00 and sell it for profit all in about four minutes with a little copy and paste work.Then your taught how to drop ship the item too. So not only did you make a profit but, you had no upfront cost. Pretty cool huh??  You not only make money with your ebay training  but you can also get paid big money on the affiliate side of our business. The pay out’s for the affiliate are huge. In Ds Domination you can get paid on 10 level’s deep on the affiliate side!!! This is the only mlm where the product is  you actually making money from day one. Think about how huge this is. Your friend can join this and make money on Ebay immediately and he keeps 100% comissions of all his profits on Ebay, as well as making up to 75% residual income by sharing this business with others by becoming an affiliate. So if you think about it we are the only company that offers 175% commissions. This company has the only platform where the average person can make money online from day one and make six figures a year without recruiting anyone.Watch this comp plan video below to get a better understanding.

AdMax.Me Join the Prelaunch

AdMax.Me is now in prelaunch, this is the best time to join at the very beginning where the profits are high and the exposure is still pouring in. So join in the first 2 weeks to capitalize on your profits, this is a passive income stream but you can start with $100 and start seeing some pretty awesome results in a short period of time

If you love ad revenue sharing programs this is definitely for you!

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BTG180 is Here – Read the Review

At last BTG180 is here formerly known as Bids That Give or Bidambassadors. This opportunity is amazing and here for the long haul, the changes in place will not only keep this company on top of anything else on there, but the payout goes above and beyond what anyone else out there is doing and it is real!

Our business has multiple income streams which mainly come from advertising:

  • Online Gaming (Trivia That Gives) answer questions, get credits and get paid
  • Penny Auction -Save 90-95% OFF retail items
  • Travel – Get discounts and savings on travel- wherever you go you get the deals!
  • BTG Mall – Shop directly for products, name brand and company based.
  • BTG Cashback – Allows you to get cashback online from major places like Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Target and millions more!

All of these create revenue which gets shared with everyone and the kids!

Watch This Video to see how it works in FULL DETAIL

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Adzibiz Review

Adzibidz, is this just another knockoff of Ad Hit Profits?   Lets look at the differences, you get to start out by purchases ad packs or sometimes called advertising shares they start at $39 and mature to $50 or 128% of the original profit.

The earnings really do depend on the revenue, since it is fairly new a lot of people are purchasing advertising space and traffic so now is actually the best time to get in since it just launched, the payouts are also instant to Solid Trust Pay or Payza so no worries there.

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Here is a graph of the earnings payout (in percentage) RECENT



Ad Hit Profits Review- Join Now


My name is Chris Groves and I have been marketing online for quite some time (or at least it feels that way). Every business my wife and I have been involved in has been very profitable, some even making us over $1,000 each day.

We recently just joined Ad Hits Profits and love it. I of course did my research and can tell you that this business is worth it.

HOW IT WORKS – AD Hits Profits Is Not a Scam

You start off buy purchasing ad space which ranges from 1 share to as many as you’d like.  Each share costs $45 and matures to about $56 meaning once it reaches its cap it can’t grow any more unless you take your profit and buy more shares or you decide to take money out which is instant to your e-wallet!

t’s important when you read through Ad Hit Profits Review info that you’re getting your information from someone who is actually a member and uses the service.  As someone who spends nearly my entire income generation efforts as an online money earner, I know that I am always interested in real services out there that are legitimate and actually work and deliver as promised.

What Is Ad Hit Profits and Who Owns It?

There’s a chance you found out about Ad Hit Profits by surfing around one of the various and trusted HYIP forums out there.  I want to be VERY clear here by telling you that though you may have found out about the company there, Ad Hit Profits Is Not an HYIP

Remember, this Ad Hit Profits review is about facts so here we go:

The company offers a revolutionary kind of 100 percent Legal and legitimate advertising service, but with an interesting bonus feature.  See, as someone using the service, you buy a share at a time ($45) for the right to have your ad seen a set number of times. As a share holder, you are then entitled to be paid part of all the actual revenue (not fake internet money) that’s earned by Ad Hit Profits.

Translation, you are paid out of actual earnings or revenue brought in by the company’s advertising service, not by the money of people signing up.  In fact, there is no actual sign up fee or subscription fee per se.  You simply pay for advertising, just as you would on any other ad forum or with any other online advertising service.

Who Owns Ad Hit Profits?

The company is owned and adminstered by a man named Charles Scoville.  Charles owns several advertising websites that sell ad space to online marketers and is a well respected member of the online marketing community.

Here’s a short video on Charles so you can get to know him a bit better.

How Members Earn Money With Ad Hit Profits

Ad Hit Profits uses revenue sharing (also called profit sharing) as the way for users to earn money.  You probably know that many major websites out there (Bing, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) generate revenue by selling advertisement space.

There are also some prominent ad space sales sites that have the primary focus of selling ad space.

In each of these cases, the owners of these sites make a lot of money, and the advertisers make money only when.. .or if.. people click on their ads and then only if those people take action (a sale is converted).

Ad Hit Profits earns money from offering ad space to advertisers in much the same way.  However, there’s a really neat spin they put on their service that allows people like me, and YOU earn money via taking a share of the profits they make!

That’s right!

You and I get to bring in and share a portion of the profits made by Ad Hit Profits!

So, Are There Other Ways To Earn?

Absolutely.  In fact, here’s where it gets even more interesting in terms of how you can earn money with Ad Hit Profits.

To make this as easy to understand as possible, we’ll take a look at 2 easy ways to earn money with Ad Hit Profits.

Ad Hit Profits Earning Bonus #1 

Purchasing Ad Packs:

When you buy an advertisement pack, which costs you $45 a piece, you are getting 1,000 actual clicks or visitors to your site while also earning 125% of your purchase price back. Now, that’s my kind of advertisement cost recuperation!

Ad Hit Profits Earning Bonus #2 

Sponsor Additional Advertisers:

Another way to increase your earnings with Ad Hit Profits is to sponsor other online marketers interested in earning money while advertising.

Whether you blog about the company in an Ad Hit Profits Review like this one, or you simply refer others who are already in your existing networks, sponsoring earns you extra money.  This is because you earn a 10% commission on each advertising sale made by those you sponsor.

This means that each time they buy a leader board ad, a solo ad pack, or a banner ad, you earn on those purchases.

Ad Hit Profits Review: Earnings Proof

Here’s a screen shot of my 2nd day of earnings with Ad Hit Profits after buying 4 shares.  You’ll also notice that I waited a bit before buying any shares!  (Don’t do as I did! Do I as I say, here!)  So I bought the 4 shares on June 1st.  And, as you can see by June 2nd I earned $14.38.

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Call Chris at: 435-830-9899

Email: chrisgroves3@gmail.com

BTG Cashback Review

Hello! Its Xiomara and Chris Groves here! Bids That Give Cashback is going to be big, we are a growing business and we are moving steps at a time to the next level of business.

Shopping online is the wave of the future, yes you can get free shipping on items (just depends on the stores policy) most stores offer free shipping on order over $20 or Free Shipping regardless how much you spend.

What is BTG Cashback?

Earn cashback on purchases of more than 300,000,000 products from more than 5,000 leading merchants. Same stores you’re shopping at today, just starting today you get more for your money — cashback. Download and use the Shopping Assistant for your browser to make it even easier.

Get Access to BTG Cashback Now

Would you like to join the program and start earning cashback right away on all your major purchases?

Imagine getting: 5%, 10% and even 15%  cashback on items you buy every day anyways?

If you are serious about getting started email: chrisgroves3@gmail.com

Go Fun Places Shutdown? What’s Next?

As of May 1, 2013

Go Fun Places also known as Go Fun Rewards, is closing in the doors in the USA, and would no longer be doing any business with United State distributors. In 2012, GoFunRewards announced it was going to launch a revenue sharing based penny auction under the brand “Go Fun Places”.

MLM Attorney Kevin Thompson mentioned in an article in March 23 against this type of  Leveraged Profit Sharing Programs.

Former Agel CEO Glen Jensen briefly stepped in Go Fun Places, before he abruptly resigned just over a month after taking up the position. Citing “legal advice” as the reason for the shutdown, the company published the following message on Facebook:

“Acting on advice from legal counsel, Go Fun Places has ceased operations in the United States. The company will operate in Hong Kong.

As of May 1, 2013, all operations and Affiliates in the United States have been terminated”.

Go Fun Rewards affiliates are also claiming that US-based Vice-President Mike Driggers has resigned from the company. In February this year former Go Fun Rewards CEO Randal Williams filed a lawsuit against eAdGear, seeking $30 million USD in damages.


Bids That Give is still open because it is a LEGAL Business and has already been investigated by the SEC! We are around to stay because we are doing things the right way!

Join Bids That Give, Email: chrisgroves3@gmail.com

or Call: 435-830-9899