Go Fun Places Shutdown? What’s Next?

As of May 1, 2013

Go Fun Places also known as Go Fun Rewards, is closing in the doors in the USA, and would no longer be doing any business with United State distributors. In 2012, GoFunRewards announced it was going to launch a revenue sharing based penny auction under the brand “Go Fun Places”.

MLM Attorney Kevin Thompson mentioned in an article in March 23 against this type of  Leveraged Profit Sharing Programs.

Former Agel CEO Glen Jensen briefly stepped in Go Fun Places, before he abruptly resigned just over a month after taking up the position. Citing “legal advice” as the reason for the shutdown, the company published the following message on Facebook:

“Acting on advice from legal counsel, Go Fun Places has ceased operations in the United States. The company will operate in Hong Kong.

As of May 1, 2013, all operations and Affiliates in the United States have been terminated”.

Go Fun Rewards affiliates are also claiming that US-based Vice-President Mike Driggers has resigned from the company. In February this year former Go Fun Rewards CEO Randal Williams filed a lawsuit against eAdGear, seeking $30 million USD in damages.


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