Rippln – Mobile App. Review

You have been invited to Rippln… You probably have seen this in your email inbox one time or multiple times, especially if you are in MLM or affiliate marketing. It’s a popular mobile app that has the buzz around the internet and it’s making quite an impact.


Rippln is a free app and is right now in the pre-launch stage……accepting the invitation is free and like a good restaurant your reservation guarantees you a spot..  It is free to sign up and watch your social influence ripple across the world.

Why Rippln?

Rippln is a new and innovative company that believes the end user is the most valuable part of any technology product.  It is fun, exciting and free to use as a fan.  More than 350,000 people joined it within the first few weeks of its release.  The company believes it will grow to more than 100 million users within 3 years. Just like Facebook & LinkedIn it is free for the world to use but it is a real business and as such there is a huge revenue portion that they are sharing with the users rather than the shareholders….

What is Rippln?

Rippln is a user acquisition model for the first ever incentivized sharing technology platform. Our unique platform

has the ability to track an individual’s social influence and ripple effect across the world… and reward that user for

the value they create in the marketplace. Rippln will be using gamification and rewards for the use of the platform

and application.

We believe people deserve to have transparency in their social graph and they deserve to get rewarded for the

value they are creating for these multi-billion dollar tech companies. That’s what we are… and our rewards program

reflects our innovative approach of valuing the end user in our technology platform. Something other technology

platforms have not done before.

The Ripple is about social influence and connection, so connect; be a part of The Movement!



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