BTG Reviews with Chris and Xiomara

For those who have ever failed at building their downline…
Yep. I will admit it. I have failed, failed and failed again- several times without making a single dime online.

In fact even after trying to follow what others “said” they were doing still didn’t work- so I spent tons of money on lead tools, marketing software and such, spent time learning them and yet found absolutely no luck making them work “as promised”

But I didn’t give up, because each time I failed I looked at it as just one more way that didn’t work which means that what actually does work must be getting closer and closer each time.

Which is why are helping people in BTG-

Helping Others in Bids That Give – Our Number One Goal.
Being involved in Bids That Give really has more meaning than just posting an ad every day online. To my wife and I we are in the business to help people achieve their goals as well as help the kids who have so little and dream of having a meal each day have their dreams come true.

In so little time we sponsored many new people into BTG and we realized that we didn’t need all these hyped up tools that cost money to make a living online. All the thousands of dollars we spent wasn’t needed at all- and my wife and I both realize that many people struggle online getting sign ups and building their downline.

So we figured we would show everyone the same exact system to build their downline in BTG.

Why? Because we understand that if the entire company grows so do the earnings for all us together as a team.

Even then- the ultimate goal is to see a million more happy kids have a meal every day because people like you and I are the ones making the biggest difference.

So we helped people, it didn’t matter if they were in our downline or not.

And here is what they had to say:

“Dear Chris,
Since working with you on April 4, 2013,
I received 44 leads
One of those became a global ambassador a couple of days ago.
I’d say your system is working pretty good!!
Thank you….


Chris Booth”

Thanks Chris, had a couple of sign ups from the last time. Looking forward to a few more thanks to your funnel. Great job on that.

-Paul Brady

I have received on my first day over a dozen people looked at the video and I am in process of calling one of them now who requested more information. -Johnny Pierce
Curtis Guyer

Chris big thanks on sharing your co-op. I have people actually calling me and one sign up so far and 2-3 pending.

Yes, I have had about 15 opt into the video and a couple calls which I am working with, my son also has had a couple calls and my 82 year old mother has had a sign-up at $50.00 per month and some calls. We could not be more pleased and this is obviously the best way I have seen for finding interested folks for BTG. I have 3 new people who will purchase a share today or tomorrow. Thank You for your help. I hope you are in Vegas Saturday because I would love to shake your hand. If not then perhaps in May.
Look Anyone Can Do This..
Anyone can make this happen if they want to..

It doesn’t matter how much marketing experience you have.

It doesn’t matter if you have ever gotten a single person to sign up in your business “EVER”.

The key to making “Really Good Money” in this business is to sponsor at least 5 people and teach them how to DO the exact same over and over again.

You don’t need more than 5 Good people- you really don’t.

Make those 5 people your best 5 friends. Teach them every step of the way, get them on every webinar so they can duplicate your success…

Teach them how they can build a team, don’t just give them the fish- teach them how to fish..

And If You Do This…
The Results will come every single time. The True power of duplication.
Do you see the potential of having just 5 good people who are dedicated to following exactly what you do?

Once you break the 25 mark on your 2nd line you are DONE. Literally done- say goodbye to you job if you want, because if your team is duplicating your line will go 5, 25, 125 and just by the time you get to your 4th line you have 625 people in your organization.

Your first line of people is the most important in business building. If they are strong they will build the next 25 in record breaking time.

Normally getting 5 people is hard for the average person, but if there is a system that works every single time then it’s easy, right?

With a system pulling in 5 people is easy. Because those 5 people can use the same system and literally DUPLICATE your exact same results- this is like Copy and Paste in the business world.

It looks just like this:

1. I got my 5 people using a system.

2. I tell those 5 people to use the same system until they have their 5 people.

3. Rinse and repeat, they will do the same for their downline.

You see… Following a system is super easy- you don’t have to be blind in the dark trying to copy what other people are doing, because chances are what they are doing WILL NOT work for you, whereas a system is a proven model that works every single time because of proven methods, this is like making a guarantee that when you throw an object in the air it will come back down due to gravity- it simply just happens every single time.

Are you ready to move forward?

Chris and Xiomara Groves
Your Online Marketing Team
Contact Us: 435-830-9899

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