How Private Revenue Sharing Works- How to Join BTG

Need help with starting up with Bids That Give? This short little video will explain to you how Private Revenue Sharing Works (PRSC)

Watch Video Now:

Text Version:


BTG Levels: Understanding the Levels.

When introducing a prospect who wants to sign up in the business inform them that there is a 3-step process to joining and earning every 24 hours with the business:

3 Step Sign up Process

1. Choose a Level ($10-$250 monthly)

2. Send in Your Bids (Money Order or Cashiers Check)

3. Post your ad daily for revenue sharing (no recruiting or sponsoring required)

Examples of the levels: (comparison to the real business world)

$10 – Small Cafe

$50 – Large Cafe

$100 – Small Retail Store

$250 – Large Retail Store (i.e. Wal-Mart)

Bid Purchases: This is what you send in by money order or cashiers check. This is also considered your business product or supply in comparison.

$10 – will earn you very little revenue each day

ANYWHERE IN BETWEEN – up to $25,000 bid purchase max.

$25,000 – will earn you higher revenue on a daily basis

Bids That Give ( hereinafter referred to as BTG) does not offer any
income guarantee and strictly prohibits any BTG Affiliate from making
any statement that can be construed as an income guarantee. BTG
Affiliates only earn money resulting from the sales of BTG’s products
and services to end users. Any reference made to specific levels or
amounts of income or earnings derived from the sales of BTG
products and services are only made for illustration purposes to
explain how the BTG rewards and/or sales commission program
works and should never be construed as income estimates or
projections. There is no income paid for the recruiting of BTG
Affiliates. Affiliates and potential Affiliates are always advised to only
make BTG product and services purchases that the Affiliate can
afford without creating a financial hardship for themselves or their
families. Customers may purchase BTG products and services
without the necessity of joining the BTG Affiliate Program or
participating in the rewards program

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