Get Instant Results in Bids That Give?

Where are the Best Places to Post Free Ads for BTG that Get Results?
I have done some personal testing and group testing of where to place your daily free ad to promote the business that gets results.

and sure… BTG provides a list in your backoffice of where to post ads, but if you go outside the box you will have greater results than you could have ever imagined.

Here is my case study: Over the course of 60 days I posted ads on various FREE Classifieds. I will show you my top converting ads and the places to post- this results in more customers, sign ups and sales.

Top Places to Post:
1. KSL.COM   -Impressive Results, High Traffic and Sales.
KSL is a site local to Utah, they have a very high quality classifieds site. The best section to post is under General>Free Stuff or Announcements>Auctions. KSL is less spammy compared to most classifieds sites, also UTAH is on the top states for MLM and affiliate marketing.

2. Warrior Forum Classifieds – Internet Marketing Forum, Top Online Marketers…
This place rocks. You will find the more internet savvy and marketing experts on this forum. One good post can get you 5 or more sign ups. All you need is an account with the Warrior Forum which is $9.95(I believe)… You won’t regret how many sales this place drives- its a completely useful internet marketing forum.

P.S. Warrior Forum will also rank you at the top of the search engines in Google for a lot of keywords- super powerful

3.  – Highly Targeted Business Opportunity Section.
Post your ad in the Services>Business Opportunity Section . Its best to target large cities such as Miami, New York, Illinois etc… The best time to post is after 6PM EST for massive leads and traffic. I post about 20-30 ads in backpage and get around 15 or more highly targeted leads in one day!

4.  – Highest Traffic compared to any classifieds site.
Craigslist is king for traffic, you only need to post a maximum of 3 ads per day, if you post more your ads will be taken down most likely. You can also post in the Craigslist Forums Post your ads under the services>business section.

5. – Great Traffic for Services and Jobs
Post under Services or Jobs for best results, easy to use and free.

6.  – Awesome National Classifieds for great traffic
Post in the following places: Dallas, Miami, Los Angeles, Illinois for best results.

7. – Average income on LinkedIn is $65,000 annually
You can attract business owners and professional marketers. High income means a great boost for your business in affiliate marketing ans sales. You can post in groups or create your own.

8. – Post in Groups, Add and Connect with Friends
Use facebook to add other marketers or affiliates, build a connection and introduce the business. Also posting in groups like: MLM, Small Business or Yard Sale groups will get you a lot of leads every single day!

Youtube is great. Upload at least 1 new video per week if you can, use different titles and tags to rank your videos for various keywords! Share your video on Facebook and other social media sites- 100% free.

1. Orlando Florida Newspaper – High Traffic and a ton of calls or emails
So much traffic it can be split between 5 or 6 people. Newspapers can drive a lot of traffic, we recommend having your own domain that is easy to type and remember. This can go straight to your capture page. Some of the top recruiters in MLM use the newspaper!

2. – Highly Targeted Websites with Tons of Online Traffic.
You can buy ads in the Business and Marketing Section. Image ads work the best!

3. Facebook Paid Ads – You Pay only when somebody Clicks on your ad.
GMC spend well over 20 million a month on Facebook. Paid ads will grow your business very fast since Facebook connects just about every profile you can possible imagine.

4. Bidvertiser – Affordable PPC Traffic
Great little paid network with good reviews, cheaper than Google Adwords and Facebook. Pretty good results over all, start with $50 for best results.

5. Youtube VIDEO Ad – Awesome Results!
Video engages users more effectively than just a text or image ad. Create an original video under 5 Minutes talking about your business, you can include a link to your business. You can get a lot of free and paid Traffic.

Image Ads VS. Text Ads.
When you can use image ads to promote the business. Its much more effective than your traditional text ads.
My Top Performing Text Ads: Just Copy and Paste
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~Your expert in internet and online marketing.


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