Bids That Give Team Co op

Hey There- I’m Chris, your Internet Marketing Expert

Who am I and what do I do?

I’m currently 21 years old and happily married to my beautiful wife Xiomara.

Chris and Xiomara We both love online marketing with a passion and we especially love Bids That Give and the cause.
I started online marketing with just a blog- I didn’t sell any products, have any affiliate offers or anything like that- the  money was made simply through ad space through Google Adsense, however if I would have ran affiliate offers me earnings would have been tripled.

We both did ZeekRewards- a former penny auction site that was very successful to the sense of how fast the business grew in a short period of time.

From there we have done nothing but countless research on internet marketing, growing online businesses and making successful profits while leveraging our time and productivity.

Once you understand the internet you quickly realize that the power of driving sales is traffic.

Traffic yields leads > Sales and sign ups etc…

My Google Adsense Earnings:


To date: That’s over 13 million pageviews to my personal blog and websites- that is well over $26,000 in income earned without selling a single product- advertising is pretty powerful right?

How did I make that money exactly?

Traffic: Traffic is the key to success, the more people you have visiting your website the more you get paid, I had single days where I reached over 100,000 Unique visitors.

The same applies to Bids That Give: If nobody ever sees your offer how can you get sign ups? You have to constantly expose the business, advertising is nothing more than exposure.

Why do you think so many companies such as GM, Ford, McDonald’s spend millions of dollars per month on advertising? They are already well known names- yet they still spend more and more on advertising every year? The answer: It’s all about making new sales!

There are various ways to get high quality traffic to your website, the main way I have achieved such great results is actually due to ranking keywords at the top of search engines.

Ranking Keywords is a bit of a formula, search engines are constantly changing: They key really is to provide quality content, buy a mixture of paid advertising (PPC) do some SEO(just a little, overdoing it is not a good thing either) and then repeat the process. Low competitions keywords are easy to rank for, while medium to high competition keywords will take a much longer time (6-12 months).

Join the Bids That Give Internet Marketing Co Op.

The Bids That Give Co op consists of high quality advertising vendors to drive traffic to your BTG Landing Page.

Here is how it works, step by step:

1. You purchase anywhere between 1 share of advertising up to 10 shares. Each share represents a unit that drives highly targeted traffic of other internet marketers, business opportunity seekers and even small business owners who are looking to make supplementary income or even full time income doing internet marketing.

2.  The more shares you buy results in More Traffic=More Leads=More Sign Ups and Sales. The traffic you purchase is driven directly to your personal website or capture page. We recommend using a capture page which we have available for free for all Bids That Give/Bidambassadors members. [Click here if you need one]

3.  I personally will look for the best places to buy quantities of advertising in bulk- while looking for quality places to obtain the traffic. I have many online connections and resources to utilize for best results and conversion.


Email: for any inquiry

Visit: to purchase advertising shares- you can email me with any questions, inquiry or concerns you may have.

Chris Groves

Phone: 435-830-9899


Your internet marketing adviser and expert.


One thought on “Bids That Give Team Co op

  1. Hi Chris, I have gone thru months of frustrating attempts without 1 sign up. I am currently doing solo ads thru AllStar Marketing with Jeremy, still nothing. Why will your leads sign up but not the 75-80 leads I got thru solo ads? Thanks Jim

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