Bids That Give: The Easy 3 Formula

3 Processes I follow that anyone can duplicate and get the same results in Internet Marketing for Bidambassadors.

Watch the Video to See How:


Doing Internet Marketing the Right Way (continued…)

There is a right way and a wrong way to do the business. I have struggled several times pitching my opportunity through ads, face to face, over the phone and much more, all of which only led to being called out, hung up on and hearing how many times the business I am doing is a scam.

-I was doing it wrong.

You see, it wasn’t until recently that I discovered the keys to building the business is to build relationships, provide valuable content then introduce your business.

The process goes as followed:

Offer QUALITY Content > Build a relationship > Introduce your Product/Service > Sales Pitch.

Sounds a lot more complex than just: Sales Pitch > Hope for sales.


Nobody likes to be sold on something, I sure don’t. Yet everyday we sell other peoples stuff without even realizing it. Think of the last time you told your friend to go see a movie, or maybe a new food item on the menu came out at your favorite restaurant- chances are you influenced their decision.

They keyword here is “Trust” or “relationship”. If a complete stranger did this to you it most likely wouldn’t influence your decision, whereas a friend has a relationship with you and has more influence on your thought process.

How do you turn complete strangers on the internet to friends?

As odd as the above headline sounds, it’s actually very simple. I start by offering value: What are their needs? What do they do? What would benefit them?

I connect with a lot of business owners and since most business owners have a website they often ask me how to rank keywords, do SEO or build their business online- all of which I can help them with.

I even have some who want me to build their website- and I do.

I realize not everyone can provide the value of building a website, but we do have access to sharing and creating videos- giving advice and providing tips.

I know some great marketers who have e-books and share a plethora of good information online or through email.

It only takes a little bit of quality to build a relationship, now because the like you they will most likely check out your service/product. If your service or product is something that will benefit them they will buy from you, even though you may be just a little bit more expensive then your competitor.

Just as followed:

Know > Like > Trust > Buy $$

If you follow the “building a relationship” process you will see how much more powerful it is in network marketing. You’ll actually do about 3 or 4 times as many sales and build long-lasting customers/clients and not short-term.

The process has 2 more steps, but it it meant the difference between an annual salary of $40,000 to $265,000 would you do those extra 2 steps?


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