Bids That Give Scam -[Warning]

Stop What You Are Doing Now…

You are reading this article because you think Bids That Give is a scam…

Guess what you’re absolutely right.

Do you have any idea how many people I talk to on a daily basis think that this business is a scam? If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone say that I would be rich.. Well guess what, if you are talking to people that call this business a Scam- You are simply talking to the wrong people.

You want to know what bugs me even more though?

“Is this a pyramid scheme?”

You know, the better question to ask is if your job is a pyramid scheme, because most likely it is.

Stop Making Excuses

Fortunately I have enough people I know who are intelligent enough to make their judgement call and do their due-diligence on the business and understand that this is a legitimate company and it truly is different from anything else out there.

Here are some positive points:

  • Transparent Business Model located in the United States (Nevada)
  • Legal disclaimers for the business- make sure you understand the business model
  • Real product and services being sold including: travel goods, gaming, advertising space, online mall and more industries coming out

It’s a Business- Not a Job.

Business profits are higher than job wages. You will get the occasional person who ask why they have to pay to start.

Well, the same goes for opening up your own restaurant- you  need money. Once you’re in business, have product and customers then you will make more than your typical job wages.

Bids That Give is a 3 step process to start making money- Just like a traditional business

  1. Pay your subscription at $10, $50, $100 or $250. (Think of this like the rent for your business monthly)
  2. Send your business in a box level ranging from $10 up to $25,000 (Think of this like the product for your business; example: restaurants need cups, silverware, food etc..)
  3. Post 1 ad per day and get paid from the PRSC (Private Revenue Sharing) (This is just like going to your business every day, opening it and doing a little bit of work)

So still think it’s a scam?

So far as you can see, Bids That Give is modeled after a traditional business and the earnings every day vary greatly based on how well the company does as a whole.

Yes- Anyone who can post one ad per day to help grow the traffic coming to the website, increase sales and the overall profit which we get to share in.

If you are skeptical, you should quit reading so much negative things online, and if you have got scammed online before ask yourself these questions:

  1. Was the business located in the United States?
  2. Who did you talk to? Was it just through  email? On the phone or  a random website? TIP: Its good to talk to someone on the phone or have a conversation via email at the very least. Most people who scam are hiding behind a mysterious unknown website with little information, no pictures or videos of themselves.
  3. Have you read any reviews on the business from other people? Try to search across several reviews to see what people say before joining
  4. Does the business have product, real people and headquarters?

Do your research before joining- the internet is flooded with what people think and not necessarily what people know.

Top Videos From Bids That Give Users:

1. Winnings on the BTG Penny Auctions

2. BTG Winnings Again!


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