Choosing the Right Subscription Level for BTG

Where Do I Start With BTG?

I signed up at the $250 for Bidambassadors- I have stayed at this level after sponsoring several people. The $250 payment though is a bit of a stretch for the average user, but if you have ran a traditional business before such as a car dealership, small cafe or any personal business for that matter you know upfront that the cost of electricity can even be greater than $250 a month let alone counting the rent for your building.

When looking at BTG in that perspective $250 a month is not a bad business expense.  Yet to the contrary looking at it from another standpoint it could be a monthly car payment for some.

Just Be Honest With Who You Sponsor:

Honesty is a big part of building a team. I would never bring somebody in at the $250 Global Ambassador level if they only plan on sending in $100 in bids- it just doesnt make sense because they will most likely quit after the first month unless they manage to recruit their 4 Global Ambassadors.

Here is what I rather do, I prefer to evaluate the individual- I mostly connect with people abroad the United States and even a few people in Canada. Find out how much experience they have with internet marketing, business and sales. Novice users are better coming in at the $50 maybe $100, but it also ties into how many bids they are sending in.

Here is a chart to follow for a general rule of thumb:

$10 level  –  If They Send In a $100 or less

$50 level –  If They Send Between $500 to $100

$100 level – If They Send Between $1,000 to $500

$250 level – If They Send Between $2,000 to $25,000

There of course are exceptions. I am basing off a no sponsoring method, keep in mind you can upgrade or downgrade your subscription level at any time.

Help Build Your Team the Right Way:

There is a right way to build you team and a wrong way. You should get your team on as many conference calls as possible, or if they missed a recorded webinar or viewing you should give them access as soon as possible or forward the tips over.

The absolute number one key to building a large downline is to help everyone, offer advice and create duplication. You don’t necessarily need to build a team that is 25 or 30 wide; rather you can build a team that is 5 wide and build down helping members, especially if you are what I like to call “A Marketing Maniac”.

Use Videos to Help Grow Your Business.

I love sharing videos, I have a few favorites I like to Share that really help people make a decision:

1. The Cause Behind the Business

2.  A quick Review/Overview of the Business

If you are like me you just don’t have time to schedule 3-way calls or one-on-one webinars for everyone your sign up, instead use videos and tools to teach your downline how to grow. The key in this business is to help each member fully understand how the business works, teach them to do the exact step-by-step process you use to recruit.

My Exact 3-Step Process to Sponsoring and Building Teams Online

  1. Introduce the business. Show 1 or 2 (at the most) short videos (under 15 minutes). Think of this kind of like a teaser film for a new movie coming out, you always want to leave your prospects wanting to learn more. Keep it Short and Simple.
  2. Follow up with your prospects- no matter who they are. It doesnt matter if they are new or only know a few people. You never know what anyone is willing to do or capable of doing- I was new once too and now I dominate the online search results for just about every niche or product I promote and market every day.
  3. Sign up and educate your new sponsor. Teach them everything you know and even everything you don’t know. Build connections with knowledgeable people, join the people who know what they are doing and are willing to help you grow as well!

Stay Informed for More Marketing Tips, or check out my blog for regular updates on the business




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