Bids That Give – Become a Marketing Maniac

Are you new to Internet Marketing?

-Dont Worry I was new too once.
I’m Chris Groves and I have been promoting online for close to 2 years now, my experience in internet marketing is simple as well as my philosophy is make as much profit with doing the minimal amount of work and letting the internet essentially work for you.

Over the past 2 years I have learned various methods of promoting online including:

Paid advertising methods- this ranges from pay per click, cost per view and media buys (don’t worry so much about what each one means, you will learn more in my free marketing webinars)

Lead Generation: There are a plethora of ways to generate leads, different methods include giving away free offers, creating landing pages and promoting them etc..

Making sales starts with Traffic>Leads>Follow Up>Sale—> this is a very effective way of making sales over the internet.

Email Marketing: One of my absolute favorite, a large list of emails can convert great for multiple offers. Provide tips regularly and then you can offer your products or services to your list, you never know who will buy or want more information on what you have to offer.

Promoting Bids That Give and Bid Ambassadors.

The best thing you can do is gather a team and keep promoting the business, encourage everyone to work and keep them motivated- it’s the absolute best way to keep your downline and business growing

Just because you sponsor 20 people doesnt mean they will do anything. You must consistently work with them and help them achieve their goals- if they are successful they will stay active in the business and promote it much farther than you could have ever imagined.

I will teach you for free..

You are reading this blog because you are in Bids That Give or are thinking about joining and want the right team who can train you and develop your online skills

If you need one on one support/help you can schedule a webinar with me by emailing me at:— or you can even reach me through text or phone call at: 435-830-9899.

Hope to hear from you soon.


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