BidXcel Out of Business and Shut Down. Whats Next?

BixXcel is out of business due to the fact that they werent running the business the correct way for their daily earnings.. Look guys- Penny auctions arent a bad business model, you just need to find one that is doing everything the correct way and to date there is one business that is lined up correctly and that is Bids That Give.

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What You Need to DoSo BidXcel Shuts Down Without Notice – Great looks like another BidXcel Scamto me.What happen, Zeek Rewards wasn’tenough, now BidXcel shut s down?Read my BidXcel Shuts Down FullReport:Bidxcel, which was another entry into theMLM penny auction arena, has shut theirdoors without notice…Zeek Rewards all over againT he actual BidXcel website went of f line onMarch 9th and states “BidXcel will be unavailable until further notice.”BidXcel which was f ormerly a penny auction site called “Win the Hunt”.It was f ounded by Andrew Bracken and David Hof er.but guess what.. BidXcel shuts downT he f ishy part about the BidXcel scam was that it had launched in the midst of the other several pennyauction MLMs, including the inf amous f ailed penny auction site “Z eek Rewards“.BidXcel Shut s Down-What was t he BidXcel Scam all about ?Well, BidXcel was your typical multilevel marketing company which is the marketing arm of XcelBids, whichwas an e-commerce site of f ering online penny auctions, strategic auctions, and an online store where bidscan be used toward product purchases.XcelBids Af f iliates were given rewards by ref erring customers to XcelBids.So Now That BidXcel Shut s Down-What should you do next ?It’s bad enough when people lose or quit their jobs. But it seems that attempting to make money online ismaking you f eel the same way.With a company like BidXcel you start to work hard, invest your hard earned money or savings..

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