Profitable Sunrise Shut Down- What Should You Do Next?

Profitable sunrise- if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

Profitable sunrise span across 30 states and provinces in the United States and Canada.

Missouri regulators are warning investors about a possible fraud involving a company already facing action by regulators in California and other states.

The company, Profitable Sunrise, has been promising gains of 1.6 percent a day, which compounds to more than 5000 percent in a year or even more, according to the Missouri secretary of state’s office.

The Profitable Sunrise investment offer comes from a firm called Inter Reef Ltd., which is based in Birmingham, England, the state said.

People involved in the scheme include Roman Novak and Radoslav Novak, brothers who own Inter Reef. The Missouri Securities Division is investigating the men and their operation.

Missouri also is investigating two other ventures called Felmina Alliance and Roxilia Investments.

Anyone who has invested in these ventures should call the division at 800-721-7996.

Missouri has not received complaints about them, but its notice said investors in other states have lost money in the ventures.

What Is Next?

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