Bids That Give – Opening Around the World

Its true….

Bids That Give and the Bidambassadors club will be the largest and fastest growing business of 2013 as we keep you up to date on the momentum this business has. It’s about to hit the barrier and break records in just a matter of time- probably about 3-6 months we will see things that have never been done before- in fact we will see records being broken in this affiliate marketing business that features penny auctions, travel, gaming sites, nutritional products, beauty and more through its online marketing force

Where is Bids That Give Open Right Now?

First launched in the United States with approximately 1,000 founding members.

Phase 2: Brazil. Bids That Give hit it hard opening up in Brazil

Phase 3: Canada. Bids That Give took a huge step opening in Canada as founding members waited and waited to make it happen!

Next? BTG will be opening around the world in various countries, we hope to soon see the Philipines and other large countries who have a plethora of dedicated, motivated and willing people to make an impact on the lives of children as well as the lives of their own.

If you are ready to get a jump and join Bids That Give

Contact Chris through email right away at:


Your questions and answers will be answered in under 24 hours always!


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