Bids That Give on Track to Be The Fastest Growing Business of 2013

That’s right…

When you have just over 90% of your members active in the business posting ads and talking about a company that pays you ever 24 hours through Private Revenue sharing- which has never been done before, you are right on track to become the largest internet/affiliate marketing company ever.

First of all, BTG has something everyone can do- you don’t have to be technical, a computer expert or know mathematics down to the tipping “T” to convert leads to sales- in fact a business model so brilliant that when done correctly is on track to become the largest internet company ever, and here is why:

When most people think of traditional marketing or MLM they think of selling.

Door to door selling,

Getting leads.

Signing people up

Selling product…


That’s where Bids That Give changes the game. You see, we take all these great product lines: beauty, health care, travel, retail stores, auctions with electronics, appliances etc.. stuff that people actually use, need and want and convert it to pure profit sales. We don’t really care if you went door to door trying to sale 100 plus products to your friends…
What we do care about is the fact you can copy and paste. If you can post just one advertisement each day the business will pay you from their revenues- everyone is truly working together as a team.

Along with the amazing payout there is a great cause, as more people hear about the business they will jump on board for multiple reasons. Together in this business we will only make our lives better, one step at a time

Watch the video:

Ready to Join?

Send an Email to: for any questions you have or if you want to join


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