Bids That Give Founders Club in Canada – Get In Now!

Guess what Canada? BTG is launching founders positions in Canada- now is your chance to get in early and dominate the market. A founders position is the best way to earn and start the business.

Sign up Now for Founders access in Canada

If you are having trouble signing up please email:

or call Chris at: (435) 830-9899

That’s right, we are preparing for the official Pre-Launch in Canada. The first phase of this launch will be a Special Founder’s Club launch for new affiliates in Canada that will be available by Invitation Only. Your Founder’s Club invitation referral link will be available very soon in your Virtual Office, making it very simple for you to promote it to potential affiliates online or to send it out.

We will send out an email soon with the details about the launch and the enrollment process.Look for another email within the next few days!

If you are in Canada and you just want to peak around and learn more about the business you can watch this video

Free Powerful Marketing Tools:

If you sign up as a founder in Canada we are going to offer powerful marketing tools absolutely free that includes custom capture pages/design. Custom Autoresponders and email software as well, you get your own free website and tools to market Bids That Give and the Bid Ambassadors opportunity.

Here is access to the marketing tool

Any questions?

Contact Chris:

Easy sign up help, instructions, marketing tool and leads when you join as a BTG founder in Canada.


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