Bids That Give Updated Presentation and Webinar

Just recently Bids That Give updated the presentation video which the original length was 32 minutes. The presentation has now been cut down to 22 minutes which covers all the information in the business. If you are new to the business it’s a good idea to make yourself familiar with the Trivia game, Travel program and the auction site. Most people right from get go need help sharing the business so that they can essentially build their team and downline. I have found that videos are very effective, you can get email addresses of prospects you meet who want more information and send them links to the bidambassadors training site as well as any videos that explain the entire overview of the company.

Watch This Updated Training Video (22 Minutes)

Online Webinars:

If you have a large group or team who needs training you can host large online webinars. Most will commonly use screen sharing programs and software such as Join.Me- the free version lets you have 4 people and the full version lets you have more without limitations. You can use other programs such as GoToMeeting etc…

I try to schedule webinars for training, updates and marketing tips. There are several ways you can approach the marketing strategies with Bids That Give. You want to be able to drive large amounts of traffic to your capture or landing pages in order to get leads. Traffic converts to leads which convert to sales.

You can learn how to generate traffic by emailing me direct:


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