BTG Mall Review

Guess whats coming on board? A mall.. .Now of course we arent talking about the mall where you walk around looking for clothes with your best friends, going to the food court to have a bit to eat… ETC… We are actually talking about a virtual online mall full of online products ranking from nutritional and health, beauty, jewelery and more. Bids will be used as a form of currency or points and can be redeemed for product. Just like entering the website and purchasing credits. Where here credits will simply be called Bids. Pretty cool, right?

We can understand the value of having multiple products and industries. Think of how exactly the most successful businesses are operated- its all from the products and their personal diversity. While being in BTG you will quickly understand how important it is to promote the products to make money.

You will need a good mix between affiliates who know how to market online and understand internet marketing on many levels. Here at the Bids That Give  Marketing Team we will actually give you some pretty kick-ass tools and training to market your business online with some of the top folk in Bid Ambassadors and the Bids That Give auction sites.

Every successful business starts with leads… Those leads are nothing more than just interested people in the business or product. Next those leads need to convert to sales, once you earn sales you get commissions. The process is basically rinse and repeat. If you make enough sales you earn enough income to create fabulous online fortunes from the comfort of your own home.

Every successful internet marketing has had training. If you are new to the internet or dont understand, simply find someone who does. I can personally help and train you to succeed in the business online. I may not be the best person for over the phone or door to door sales, but I can definitely help you with all online aspects of the business.



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