Trivia That Gives Game (Sign up and Review)

Im sure you are very familiar with Bids That Give, the eCommerce site helping kids and giving thousands of people deals every single day. If you are reading this post I am sure you are also familiar with GetAway That Gives, which is the travel portion of the site allowing people like you and I to get great rates on travel and deep, deep discounts.

Trivia That Gives is a gaming site part of the bidambassadors network. You can actually earn money by becoming an affiliate. The idea is traffic, just like any site such as Facebook or Google who receives millions upon millions of visitors each day driving advertising sales through the roof. A recent study even shows that internet advertising is more cost effective and efficient than television or radio advertising, which is very true- especially if you are trying to create an internet brand. I myself personally spend much more time surfing the web than browsing tv stations- that’s just me of course.

If you are thinking about joining or signing up for Trivia That Gives you can check out the site here.


A screen shot of the game. Every answer helps a kid in need. Its a fun online browser style game kind of like Trviail Pursuit except there are over one million questions to answer from meaning you will never get bored of this wonderful game.

If you are going to be on the computer anyways you might as well get paid doing it. Answer from a range of categories, whether you get the question right or wrong you are helping kids, of course a right answer will give you points!

Here is how to sign up

1. Sign in to Trivia That Gives

2. Use your Bids That Give Username and Password to login, if you have issues try doing a password reset or contact support

3. You can now pick a category and begin playing the game. Answer the questions as accurately as possible and as quickly as possible to accumulate the most amount of points

We hope to see you at the game! post your favorite trivia questions or scores here!


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