How to Post Ads for Bids That Give

If you are reading this you are most likely in Bids That Give. If not you are just curious as to what we have to do each day as affiliates in order to receive daily revenue from the company profits.

Here is how you post an ad:

1. Login to your Bids That Give Backoffice

2. Go to Marketing and then ADS SELECT IT

3. Choose any ad you want to use to promote Bids That Give auction site or services

4. Paste the ad on any website of your choice. You can use free classifieds such as InetGiant, Backpage. Your Backoffice will give you a list

Note: You must have an account on the classifieds website. This is separate from your Bid Ambassadors and Bids That Give Login info based on the site where you created the account.

5. Qualify and submit your ad for the day. Do this daily and you will earn from all of the profits the company is producing on a daily basis.

Here is a video that teaches you:


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