Bids To Give a Scam? Penny-Auction Watch

The popular buzz around the Bids That Give and Bid Ambassadors Club has many wondering will this end up to be yet another scam with the penny-auction craze dressed up in a once similar ponzi fashion.

A legitimate business model is easy to follow as long as all guidelines fall into those set for by USA laws and regulations. Those who are looking in search of a good home based business opportunity are wondering if they should join Bids That Give. Here are some factors to look for when joining a legitimate online business:

The company products/services

The company goals and future plans

Any background on the CEO or other leaders in the business
3rd party reviews and validation. Simply see what others say about the business and if they are making money
Usually most of us trust what our friends say or those that are really close to us.

There are several ways to decipher a scam. It mostly takes research.Take the time and see if the business is right for you

EMAIL ME YOUR QUESTIONS Or If You Want to Sign up Today:

Here is a video:


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