Why Bids That Give Is Not a Scam.

Lets be honest. You hear about something online from a friend or perhaps even stranger and most likely anything that sounds like it can make you some good extra money simply sounds too good to be true. Well that’s not always the case, think of how many people you know that gamble, risk their luck in the lottery or waste money on items they dont need.

*Guilty Here.

The fact of the matter is…. You can go gamble your money and Vegas and maybe make money…

You can buy a bunch of lottery tickets and…. Maybe when the lottery, yet you have better chances of being struck by lighting.

Or.. You can join a business that is the same cost if not cheaper and actually make money.

In this business Bids that Give I have been earnings every day. I perform a few tasks to drive traffic and advertising to the website.

The method I use: Copy and Paste. That’s it. Don’t over-think things, if you do you are just making things more complicated that they need to be.

Look. I know marketing

I know what Jobs Don’t DO for people.

Jobs simply don’t make  money.

In fact I would say Jobs and Social Security are the biggest scams out there….

Why? A job has already robbed over 40 years of my parents lives.

I am not going to let that happen to me


One thought on “Why Bids That Give Is Not a Scam.

  1. I am in the Philippines. I attended the pre-launch of Bids That Give. Soon, it will be a blast. It doesnt really officially open but I can smell the oppurtunity, months before the opening.
    Would you give me some tips in earning in BTG?

    please email me at princejimenez@yahoo.com

    thank you.

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